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Чек-лифтинг сделать на кмв
игры для девочек малитампони

Therefore quantum gravity! Katie Mack AstroKatie) March 17, 2014. More resources: Tell us what you think on Twitter #novanext, Facebook, or email. Photo Credit: nasa / wmap Science Team, bicep2 Collaboration.

Heres Adam Mann, writing for Wired Science : What they detected is known as primordial B-mode polarization and is important for at least two reasons. It would be the first detection of gravitational waves, which are predicted to exist under Einsteins theory of relativity but have never before been seen.

But the thing that has scientists really excited is that it could provide the first direct evidence for a theorized event called inflation that caused the universe to exponentially grow just a fraction of a fraction of a second after it was born.

Instead, they say, space-time ballooned in size by more than 20 orders of magnitude in a fraction of a second after the big bang. Then the expansion slowed to a more sedate pace. Swirls in the polarization of the CMB reveal signs of primordial gravitational waves.

Paraphrasing an old friend, astronomer Sandra Faber, with this new, richer, more fully realized picture of the birth of the universe we have once again enriched that creation story that only science tells, the one that connects the earth we inhabit today with a process of cosmic evolution that we now can trace back all the way to just the barest instant this side of the point of origin.

Hard to build models that have inflation and no multiverse #bicep2, lisa Grossman astrolisa) March 17, 2014. On the idea that quantum gravity might be a reality if bicep data is confirmed :. @tcross81, the gravitational radiation probably comes from quantum fluctuations in the gravitational field!

 That the idea of a multiverse other patches of space time that underwent an inflationary episode to form island universes of their own has now gained a boost (if one patch of space-time can inflate, so could others). Or to put in mythic terms:  there is grandeur in this view of life (the cosmos). 

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