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Подтяжки с немецким флагом

Under a photo of her playing with her dog, one wrote: #riphitler. Meanwhile in Austria this week, a friendly football match between the Israels Maccabi Haifa and a French team had to be called off, after protesters stormed the pitch and fought with the players.

The Haifa captain, Yossi Benayoun, defended his players for fighting back, saying We had no choice but to defend ourselves. The pitch invaders in Austria were mostly immigrants of Palestinian origin, and around Europe the new anti-Semitism is being seen a phenomenon confined to Arab and Muslim communities.

The charge of anti-Semitism is an extremely sensitive one in Germany, and some observers say Germans are more comfortable seeing the recent spate of incidents as an immigrant phenomenon. Writing in Suddeustche Zeitung, Heribert Prantl said The old anti-Semites in Germany, who are not only found on the extreme right and left, but also in the middle of society, do not want to admit that their anti-Semitism is their own.

Hainault, however, was the only active Canadian whose side found success in the German Cup. Nik Ledgerwood s Energie Cottbus were knocked out on penalties against Hamburger SV (Ledgerwood played 77 minutes while Marcel de Jong s Augsburg went out 1-0 to Magdeburg, with de Jong playing 84 minutes.

Police had to step in to protect an Israeli tourist couple from protesters who charged at them shouting Jew! Well get you. Scenes such as this are especially disturbing for Germany, given its own history of the Holocaust, and its more recent troubles with neo-Nazi organisations.

But in an opinion piece for Welt newspaper this week, a young Jewish man living in Germany claimed that it is no longer Nazis alone that the countrys Jews fear. For Jews, the danger comes not long only from the right, Filipp Piatov wrote.

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