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Программа 4x4 тренировок

Keep your mind looking forward, and forget about feeling "fit" or "in shape we're looking to surpass that level. 4. Make it specific. There's little that's more useless than cave-climbing fitness at Smith Rock. Think about this when you plan your sessions.

Magic four minutes? One approach that's had a lot of publicity involves exercising intensely for just four minutes, three times a week. Some say this is enough to get you fit. Known as 4x4, as 4x4, this form of interval training involves four lots of four minute bursts of high intensity exercise (where you are too breathless to speak more than a few words) broken up by three-minute bursts at.

The four sets are separated by a rest period of 3-4 minutes, usually about equal in time to the total time it takes to climb the four problems. We picked four problems, and took turns running through the sequence. The whole thing only took 25-30 minutes, but it destroyed us.

Some media outlets reported that the study showed just 12 minutes of high intensity exercise a week was enough to boost fitness. But the study had limitations, it was only short-term and quite small (involving just 26 men so more research is needed to confirm its findings.

(But again, these claims don't allow for warm up and cool down). One such form of exercise, called supramaximal training, was actively promoted in a British documentary, also broadcast on television in Australia, called. The truth about exercise, Coombes says. In supramaximal training, you "basically go all out Coombes says.

(Read more about the research into the health benefits of higher intensity exercise. other researchers have looked at whether single bursts of four minutes could be just as good. One study by researchers in. Norway, Canada and the US looked at overweight middle-aged inactive men, who were otherwise healthy, and compared a group doing the 4x4 workout with those doing a single burst of intense exercise for four minutes.

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